Praying & Fasting

Believe, pray and fast. 
(Mark 9; Luke 5)

…Withdraw to the mountain, desert or wilderness to pray and preach, continue all night in prayer. 
(Luke 5, 6, 7, 9; John 6)

(Matt 6; Mark 2)

…Seeking to see visions and lay on hands that they might receive sight; always pray and don’t give up. 
(Acts 9, 26; Luke 18)

…In difficult times, falling on our faces and praying to our FATHER in the name of JESUS “not what we desire, but what You desire, Your will be done.” 
(Matt 26; John 14)

...Groaning in the SPIRIT; weeping. 
(John 11)

…Doing the work that JESUS has given each one, but always watching, keeping alert and praying. 
(Mark 13)  

…Always giving thanks to the FATHER. 
(Luke 22; John 11)


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