Righteousness & Mercy

We seek to be gentle, merciful, pure in heart, making peace, thirsting after righteousness, living by justice, mercy and faith, doing good works for JESUS, hating and despising riches, shunning the praise of men; not receiving good things, wearing fine clothes or living in luxury while others beg for food and suffer; not avoiding poverty, hunger, mourning or the reviling, hateful, exclusion of men. 
(Matt 5, 6, 23, 26; Mark 14; Luke 6, 16; John 6)

….Being like a wholly full light shining before all, so that those who come in may see truth and the light of JESUS within us; not hiding good works but making them perfect before GOD; having no part dark and hiding nothing in our lives (everything will be revealed). 
(Matt 5; Mark 4; Luke 11; John 3; Rev 2)

….Doing good, loving much, showing mercy, doing no injustice; being kind and compassionate, praying, blessing, giving clothing and food out of our abundance and our poverty (forgiving the debts of others without expectation of reimbursement, knowing that we are rich); being satisfied with our wages and faithful in unrighteous mammon; doing harm to no person; healing, transporting, sheltering, caring for, serving, loving, greeting and giving both physical gifts and gifts from within to the needy and even to those who are evil, mistreat and persecute us. 
(Matt 5; Luke 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 16, 20; Acts 20; Rev 2)

….Receiving children, giving little ones cold cups of water to drink and all something to eat – with compassion in the name of JESUS. 
(Matt 10, 14, 15; Mark 9; Luke 9)

….Not being lukewarm, but buying gold refined by fire from JESUS so we might be rich and white garments so we might be clothed and eye salve so we might see. 
(Rev 3)


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