What JESUS Taught (What we Believe)

We believe JESUS, that HE is THE CHRIST, who was and is to come; the ALMIGHTY SON OF GOD, holy and true; the Bright and Morning Star, seated at the right hand of the power of GOD; the Head of GOD’s creation. 
(Luke 22; Rev 1, 3, 22) 

….We go out as sheep in the midst of wolves, praying to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves; not being silent or afraid or worrying about how or what we’ll say, but yielding to the SPIRIT of GOD; speaking openly to the world saying nothing in secret, casting our nets and proclaiming in the light. We’re free from laws, but servants of the LORD. Hence we have no “bylaws” other than the teachings of our LORD. 
(Matt 10; John 18; Acts 18; Rev 1)

….We’re free brethren, but slaves, being disciples and friends of CHRIST, following, witnessing, serving and doing whatever JESUS commands of us. In the love of JESUS, we feed and tend HIS lambs and sheep. 
(John 15, 21; Acts 26)

….We’re unworthy servants doing our duty, saying “JESUS”, MASTER, GOD, Son of David. “Have mercy on us,” sinners, so that we might be cleansed and give glory to GOD, that we might decrease as JESUS increases, that we won’t have affection for our life in this world, but rather hold it to be of no esteem. 
(Luke 17, 18; John 3, 12)


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