How we Live Faith

our Creed:  JESUS is LORD

We seek to live a simple, straightforward, readily understandable interpretation of the Gospel (the Good News) preached by CHRIST. 

We aim to be led by the SPIRIT (who helps, guides, counsels, comforts and even empowers), that we might rightly hear, understand, and follow THE CHRIST, putting our faith in JESUS. We also desire corporate understanding from one another, from the humble and lowly, to understand what the learned and lofty fail to discern.

We continue knocking on the door, seeking diligently that it might be opened with the key of understanding, but are also content in knowing that the ways, thoughts and mind of GOD are higher than ours.

We follow the sayings of CHRIST, receiving the Kingdom of GOD like little children that we might live the mind of CHRIST, applying the mind of CHRIST through the lens of HIS life and teachings. We endeavor to fulfill the way GOD thinks by living it out with each other here on earth and by imitating CHRIST. 

We intend to live a life centered around support for one another, with strong, loving relationships. We work toward encouraging one another, learning and teaching the ways of CHRIST, talking of them when sitting at home, traveling to and fro, before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.

We set out to emphasize the things of GOD, not being anxiously engaged with striving in vain occupations. Rather we seek to talk, sing, think and pray throughout the day on the will of GOD.

We never purpose to force anyone to believe as we believe. Belief in the truth and light of CHRIST do not come through coercion or force. This great and profound mystery, the greatest love that ever was or will be, is a love that invites and beckons all, but does not force a will upon any. 

The HOLY SPIRIT convicts everyone, convincing of unrighteousness and of the need for the salvation of THE CHRIST, JESUS. The SPIRIT helps us become aware of our helpless and sad state. Each one must then decide. The SPIRIT might prod, push, call, beckon and move mysteriously, but does not decide on our behalf or force us to decide. Each alone must choose to accept.

We desire always to be yielded to the SPIRIT of GOD, following JESUS, that we might then have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (the fruits of the SPIRIT). 

We put our trust in GOD. Realizing what GOD has done for us, we feel a desire to delight in the will of GOD. Having turned from the old life (having repented), we now remain (abiding) in a love-faith relationship with GOD and other believers, growing in this relationship. 

We accept the call to the way of CHRIST, believing in the Kingdom of GOD, dying to self and choosing to follow in the way of light, truth, agape love and nonresistance. 

We choose to follow the way of JESUS, repenting and turning from the ways of mankind onto that narrow path, well-defined by GOD when HE sent HIS Son, THE CHRIST, to show and teach us. Loving HIM, we follow the teachings of CHRIST to do the will of the FATHER, living in CHRIST with CHRIST also living in us. We aim to remain steadfast, abiding in CHRIST our LORD and Savior. 

When we follow CHRIST, we do the will of the FATHER. We do this with other believers who truly are also following CHRIST (we know them by their fruits). Other true followers encourage, respond with like love, and also help make our lights shine brighter, in order that we might all overcome the surrounding darkness.

We strive to live out CHRIST every moment of every day in our lives with all people - in all places at all times.  We set out to do the Gospel, to embody, realize, and enact the Good News. The doing is learned by the imitating of CHRIST with other disciples and by the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT. We seek to follow CHRIST not just in our minds, but with all our hearts, souls, minds and strengths!

Above all, we endeavor to accomplish the ‘Royal Law’ given by our King:  that we LOVE THE LORD OUR GOD WITH ALL OUR HEART, SOUL, STRENGTH AND MIND and LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS AS OURSELVES, DOING TO OTHERS AS WE’D HAVE THEM DO TO US. 

In so doing, we love GOD, our neighbors and even our enemies. We can only do this by dying to ourselves, yielding completely to GOD. JESUS then abides in us as we are abiding in CHRIST, following HIS teachings.

We then live life in a different nation with a different Tribe of people. The nation is the Kingdom of JESUS. The Tribe is the Bride of CHRIST, HIS brothers and sisters that HE will judge to be following HIM as disciples. 

CHRIST’s Kingdom is a different Kingdom where we are like leaves growing and HIS Kingdom like a tree growing. These leaves and HIS tree are like lights pointing the way of truth for this world, of a reality now growing and yet to come fully, when HE returns in all HIS glory. We intend to be a living example of the things to come. 

We seek first the Kingdom of GOD. JESUS is light and truth. Joining HIS Kingdom, we become like little lights of HIS, following HIM. CHRIST gives us teachings so we’ll put them into practice today. In so doing we demonstrate to everyone around us what the earth would look like if we all follow the King (King JESUS), loving like JESUS. This is the only cure for humanity. We glorify HIM by following HIM. By following HIM we’re both loving HIM and those around us. If we’re following HIM, all who see this will glorify our FATHER in Heaven. This is part of the meaning of the Kingdom:  living out love, real love, by following CHRIST. 

We follow CHRIST as disciples, realizing that we must take up HIS cross daily and that HIS cross involves suffering. We were made aware of this by CHRIST’s teachings before we started laying the foundation, before we put our hand to the plow. Because of this we were able to count the costs so that we can now remain steadfast in ‘the way’ and not turn back.

Our suffering is caused by a clash with those in the world who don’t believe CHRIST and are aligned (as are rulers and powers of kingdoms of the world) with the dark powers of the world and evil spirits. We pray for them all. We are at war with no man, but with the evil one who is scheming and roaming back and forth, throughout the earth. Our weapons are love and suffering.

Our LORD’s Kingdom is not of this world; but we abide in CHRIST so that HIS Kingdom will be within us. The kingdoms of this world will eventually become the Kingdom of CHRIST, but for now, they’re separated from CHRIST.

We’ve chosen to join the Kingdom of GOD and are no longer a part of the kingdoms of this earth. We’ve become separated, even while still on earth. By committing to CHRIST, we became separated from the world, but still act as ambassadors from the Kingdom of GOD to the world. We carry the message of GOD’s reconciliation of the world to HIMSELF in CHRIST. 

Since many folks in the world see the Kingdom of GOD as foolishness, we suffer. But to us, the cross is the power of GOD. JESUS tells us to take up HIS cross every day and that if they persecuted HIM, they’ll also persecute us. We’ve been warned that following CHRIST in suffering is a hard, difficult, narrow way that the world views as radical. And yet HE fills us with inner joy and peace - even if being persecuted by the darkness of this world. We don’t worry about things of this world. We can even say that to live is CHRIST and to die is gain. We have HIS peace inside us, the peace of the HOLY SPIRIT abiding in us. HE is with us, helping us. By HIS help the yoke becomes easy. HIS SPIRIT both gives us power and leads us. Only by abiding in HIM, can we endure this suffering. 

We pray that anything written on these pages might be written just as the SPIRIT leads.

We seek to always be in communion with other disciples, praying also with them that we might discern scripture. 

JESUS is LORD. HE is THE CHRIST, who is, was, and is to come. HE’s the King of GOD’s creation. HE seeks for us to follow HIM, to join HIS Tribe, and live in His Kingdom. To GOD be all the glory.


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