We seek to be making ourselves like a good tree, yielding good fruit that remains, speaking to the world the things we hear from GOD. 
(John 8, 15)

…Bringing forth good things out of our hearts. 
(Matt 12; Luke 6, 12, 19)

…Putting out branches so others might lodge under the Kingdom’s shadow. 
(Mark 4)

…Preaching repentance and remission of sins in the name of JESUS, that people might turn from darkness to light, helping to encourage brethren and rejoicing over every single repentant sinner who is drawn by the FATHER to JESUS, convicted by the HOLY SPIRIT about sin, righteousness and judgment, and born anew, of water and spirit. 
(Luke 15, 24; John 2, 6; Acts 11, 26)


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