Repented & Turned

We remember how we’ve received and heard, have repented and are zealous to go on doing the will of GOD. 
(Matt 12; Luke 13; Rev 2, 3)

...We do not commit adultery, divorce, murder, steal or lie, but do honor our FATHERs and mothers. 
(Matt 5, 19; Mark 10; Luke 16, 18)

…We seek to remain undefiled, delivered from temptation and kept from the power of the evil one, clean on the inside and outside, having no part of wickedness, but holding to justice and the love of GOD, firmly planted in our heavenly FATHER, keeping the commandments and not being enticed by sin. 
(Matt 15, 18, 19, 23; Luke 11; John 16; Acts 26)

…Sinning no more. 
(John 5, 8)

…Not buying, selling or changing money in the house of JESUS, making the FATHER’s house into a marketplace. 
(Matt 21; Luke 19; John 2)

...Only calling One good. 
(Mark 10)

…Not defiling our garments, but being worthy, overcoming as JESUS overcame, standing steadfast with JESUS, enduring as a testimony and witness to all for JESUS, announcing the Kingdom of GOD, the Good News of the Kingdom, the way of JESUS, so that the FATHER’s will might be done on Earth, and testifying whatever’s given to us by the HOLY SPIRIT. 
(Matt 10, 24; Mark 13; Luke 7, 9, 11, 12, 21; John 15; Acts 1, 23; Rev 3)


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