Reconciliation & Peace

We seek to be reconciled quickly with brethren and adversaries. 
(Matt 5)

….Without resisting even evil people, not returning violence with violence, but resisting the evil one. 
(Matt 5; James 3)

….Not being judgmental or condemning, since JESUS is the true judge, but forgiving everyone. 
(Matt 6, 7; Mark 11; Luke 6, 7, 11; John 5, 8)

…And yet we rebuke the sins of brethren (telling them first alone, then with one or two brethren if needed, and lastly before the assembly), even while forgiving repentant brethren; we seek righteous judgment. 
(Matt 18; Luke 17; John 7)

JESUS is our King. HIS Kingdom’s not from here or of this world. We go in the peace left to us by JESUS; not taking the sword, but having a heart untroubled and without fear, knowing that in JESUS we may have peace, rejoicing and glorifying JESUS in the HOLY SPIRIT, seeking truthful understanding and expectantly waiting to be clothed with power from on high; having salt in ourselves and being at peace with one another; saying to one another “peace be with you” and saying ‘peace be to this house’ before entering any house. 
(Matt 28; Mark 9; Luke 7, 8, 10, 24; John 14, 16, 20)


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